How to say “NO” politely

☘️ We all have to say no from time to time.

☘️ We cannot say yes to everyone and everything in this life, can we?

☘️ However, we still want to be polite when we say no, reject an offer, or refuse an invitation. Why? We do not want to make people feel that we are rude or ill-mannered.

☑️ Here are 11 simple ways to say no politely. Read and practice!

  • I am sorry, but I can’t.
  • No thank you.
  • I am sorry, but + (reason)
  • I would love to, but + (reason)
  • I wish I could, but + (reason)
  • I am sorry, but I can’t because + (reason)
  • Thank you, but + (reason)
  • That sounds good, but + (reason)
  • No thank you. (Reason)
  • Not this time, sorry.
  • I’m afraid I can’t, because + (reason)

As you see, it is polite to give a reason why. If we just say, “No”, then the other person will probably feel bad or offended.